Working with Maxton Insurance Brokers

While we sell insurance policies from a wide range of insurance companies, our responsibility and accountability as an insurance broker is to you.

We are YOUR advocate.

That’s a distinction worth making.

When you deal with a broker, like us, we represent you.  And it’s an approach that works really well.

But it doesn’t just happen that way.

As you probably know, insurance is a relationship-based business so we invest a lot of time and effort into developing strong, lasting connections with all our clients, plus the insurance companies, loss adjusters, retailers and repairers we work with.

Our job as insurance brokers is to ensure you get:

  • the best insurance advice and protection for your needs;
  • a competitive rate; and
  • looked after if you ever have to make a claim.

We understand how critical insurance is and know all too well the devastating impact that not having insurance, or adequate cover, can have on a business, families and individuals.

Insurance is an invisible, intangible yet powerful protection that can mean the difference between recovering from an accident or occurrence that causes damage or harm, to yourself or others, or being severely impacted and disadvantaged by a situation causing you to lose or suffer even more, possibly for years.

As your insurance broker, we’ll do everything we can to:

  • understand what you need;
  • assess your risks;
  • find you the right insurance policy; and
  • explain everything to you.

So, no matter whether you’re looking for insurance for your personal assets or your retail, construction, industrial, commercial property or SME business, at Maxton Insurance Brokers, we will find the cover that suits your circumstances.

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