Whether you want to insure your personal motor vehicle, work car or a fleet of commercial vehicles, at Maxton we will tailor a Car Insurance policy that suits your personal or business needs.

We can offer you different levels of cover as follows:

  1. Comprehensive cover – cover your own loss and third party damage. This can be extended to cover Hire Vehicle after an at-fault accident, Windscreen Damage & Choice of Repairer. Your vehicle can be insured for Market Value or Agreed Value.
  2. Third Party Fire & Theft – covers third party loss and fire and/or theft of your own vehicle.
  3. Third Party only – covers third party damage you may have caused.

 What’s the difference? Market vs Agreed Value

There are a lot of terms bandied about in the insurance industry and while you’ve probably heard most of them before, they can be confusing.

It’s important to get clear on exactly what terms mean before you sign-on to a policy so you understand what you’re getting.

Market and Agreed Value are terms that fall into this camp.

So, what do they mean?

Market Value

In the event you have an accident and your car is written-off, the Market Value is the price the insurer estimates it would have got for your car on the open market, just before the accident.

It’s not:

  • a trade-in price
  • what a motor enthusiast would pay for your vehicle
  • or what it would cost to replace your car with a new model.

Market Value can be the least expensive option but you have no guarantee of what amount you’ll receive should your car be written-off. And, as time passes and your car depreciates, its value, in most cases, will reduce.

Agreed Value

The Agreed Value is an amount you agree to (within reason, of course) with the insurer when you take out your policy.

Agreed Value is certainly an option to explore if your car fits one of these categories:

  • vintage
  • luxury
  • rare
  • imported
  • modified
  • antique
  • high-powered.

Agreed Value is not available on all car insurance policies so we’ll discuss this with you and find a cover that meets your requirements.

Optional extras

Windscreen and Glass cover

This is an optional extra on a comprehensive car insurance policy and provides protection for your windscreen and other car windows damaged by an insured event listed in your policy.

Hire car after accident

This type of cover can be enormously helpful while your car is being repaired following an accident.

If your car is stolen, it’s typically automatically included but not after an accident.

Don’t be caught short thinking you’ve got this cover when you haven’t.

As you’ve probably experienced, it can be a big hassle not having replacement wheels when your car is being repaired. Hire car cover can save you some worry and make things a little easier at a time when you often need some help.

For all your Car Insurance needs, please give us a call at Maxton Insurance Brokers and we’ll give you the care and attention you deserve.

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