Were you aware managers and directors of a business can be held personally liable for mismanagement?

In today’s business environment, managers carry increased responsibilities and risks in the running of a business.

Management Liability not only protects the company from the risks it faces but your personal assets, safeguarding your wealth and lifestyle from liabilities arising from mismanagement.

Management Liability Cover includes:

Directors & Officers Liability/Company Reimbursement

  • Protects past, present and officers of the business

Employment Practices Liability

  • Provides cover for Employment Related Wrongful Act
  • Third party sexual harassment

Statutory Liability

  • Provides cover for investigation by a regulatory, government, professional or other authorised institution
  • Covers both defence costs and statutory fines

Company Liability

  • Provides cover for Third Party Claims
  • Automatic Cover for Tax Audits

Whether you are at fault or not, you’d be aware that mounting a legal challenge to defend allegations of wrongful acts can be financially and emotionally crippling to a business and the individuals involved.

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