Sports Club Insurance and Community Club Insurance for your club or association can be tailored to accommodate your specific requirements.

While there are many similarities, each sport or community club is slightly different so we will work with you to obtain a thorough understanding of your needs so that members and visitors alike, plus your important assets, are adequately protected.

With a range of covers to choose from, be assured that we will provide the qualified advice and guidance you need to choose a policy that meets the needs of your club or association, and its members.

Accident cover

Clubs are about people and, particularly for those involved in sport, it’s important to have cover for the accidents that may occur.

Liability cover

Public and General Liability are necessary for the club / association and its members in relation to any personal injuries or property damage that may occur.  Additional covers can be discussed too if specific protections are required, such as damage to a third party’s goods that are in your possession.

Property Insurance

Clubs and associations have valuable assets that need protecting from a building, furniture and furnishings, sporting and office equipment, historical artefacts, computers, mobile machinery, training kit, appliances, nets, goal posts, tools, and vehicles.

Professional Indemnity

Officials and coaches at a club / association may face a law suit as a result of advice or a service they have provided.  Professional Indemnity Insurance provides the cover you need to protect individuals and the club in these situations.

Management Liability

Board members, committee members and other office bearers in clubs and associations can find themselves liable for damages or losses to another party, or the entity, as a result of their actions. Similar to a workplace, clubs and associations have to comply with a range of laws and regulations such as: health and safety, financial management, equal opportunity, discrimination, pollution, employment practices and a host of others. Management Liability cover can give people in club and association roles a level of comfort that a safety net is in place.

Voluntary Workers

This is an important cover providing protection for the magnificent volunteers and club members who contribute their time and effort into running your club.

It enables a club to pay financial compensation to members and volunteers if they sustain a personal injury while undertaking work on behalf of your organisation.

This insurance can provide cover for medical expenses not covered by Medicare and loss of wages while the person is recovering, up to a certain number of weeks, and may also provide for lump sum payments in the event of death, loss of limbs and permanent partial disablement.

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