Marine Transit/Cargo Insurance provides protection for your cargo,  stock and goods, throughout its journey.

If you transport goods by road, rail, sea or air, you may be exposed to risks that could damage the freight and cause substantial financial loss to you or a third party.

At Maxton Insurance Brokers, we can arrange cover that includes:

  • Full accidental damage loss or damage and / or Fire, Theft and Collision and/ or Over Turning cover.
  • Protection for Loading & Unloading and Static Cover if the goods remain in store during the voyage can be extended under our tailored policy wordings.

Annual Marine Cargo

An Annual Marine Cargo covers your goods carried by professionals. The cover can include inland, exports and imports.

Marine Transit

This type of policy covers your stock (excluding tools or specified items) carried in your own vehicles.

Depending on your needs, Maxton can arrange full accidental loss or damage cover, including:

  • Loading and unloading of goods
  • Fire, explosion, lightning or flood
  • Collision, over-turning,  jack-knifing or derailment
  • No collision – protection for goods damaged in transit but not as a result of a collision (e.g. sudden braking).

Marine Transit Insurance can also cover:

  • one-off consignment of goods being moved within Australia
  • one-off import / export shipments
  • home removals insurance to cover goods and personal effects when moving with a professional removalist.

Commercial Carriers

If transporting goods is your main business activity, then we will work with you to ensure you have a comprehensive or defined events policy to provide the protection you need.

Optional covers such as Additional Expenses are available for situations where you are legally liable to pay compensation for significant losses resulting from the loss of or damage to goods, or death of livestock, that you are responsible for transporting.

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