Importantly, we can tailor a Contract Works Insurance policy for single projects or annual contract works covering multiple building developments.

So, what does Contract Works Insurance cover?

Construction-related activities come with a lot of risks as there are multiple activities occurring and, most often, many different parties.

Contract Works Insurance provides the protection you need in one, all-risk packaged policy (with conditions).

It covers you for:

  • Material damage
  • Third party property damage
  • Third party bodily injury

A Contract Works policy may also provide coverage for a number of required items contained in a construction contract, such as:

  • defects liability period
  • professional fees
  • debris removal
  • storage off-site
  • principal supplied materials
  • inland transit.

Who does it cover?

A feature of the policy is that it covers the parties involved in the construction project:

  • the builder
  • the main contractor
  • financiers
  • sub-contractors
  • worker-to-worker.

Do I need Contract Works Insurance?

If your occupation fits one of these descriptions, please contact us so we can discuss the most suitable insurance for your needs:

  • Owner-builder
  • Builder
  • Tradesperson who is contracted to an owner-builder.

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