We’re sorry to hear you’ve had an accident. Our aim is to settle your claim as quickly as possible.

You can help us do this by ensuring the claim form is completed promptly and that all questions are fully answered. If there is insufficient space, please attach a separate statement.

To ensure that repairs are underway quickly, you should obtain a repair quotation from a reputable repairer. A list of recommended repairers closest to you is available from our office.

The repair quotation together with the completed claim form should be forwarded to Maxton as soon as possible.

The information provided below may answer some of the questions which could arise following your claim:

  • The excess must be paid to the repairer when you collect your car unless prior arrangements have been made with us. This must be paid even if you were not at fault. If the accident was clearly someone else’s fault, we will take recovery action against the person responsible for the accident and will include the amount of your excess. In the case of third party only cover, the excess must be paid to your Insurer at the time of submitting your claim.
  • Your no claim discount will not be affected provided you are able to prove that some person other than you or the driver of the insured vehicle was totally responsible for the accident and you are able to advise us of the name and address of that person.
  • If the other party involved in the accident has stated that you are being held responsible for the damage to the other vehicle or property, you should indicate that you will be lodging a claim with us and that any demands for compensation will be handled by your Insurer. Do not admit liability or make any offers or promises of payment without our consent.
  • If you receive a letter of demand and a quotation and/or account for the repairs to another person’s vehicle or property, you must send this correspondence to us immediately. Any delays could result in additional costs.
  • Even if you feel you were not responsible for the accident, do not ignore letters of demand from the other party. Any correspondence from the other party should be forwarded to us. If you fail to act on the other party’s letter of demand, it may result in a summons being served on you. If this happens, you must contact us immediately.
  • If you feel the repairs to your vehicle are unsatisfactory, you should discuss the problem with the repairer. If you are unable to reach agreement, then contact us.

If you have any problems during the period of your claim, please contact us and quote your claim number if you know it. We assure you of prompt attention to any queries you may have.

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