We understand the issues and complexities of Builders Warranty Insurance and, as with all other insurances, we take the time to understand your needs and provide you with exceptional service.

Builders Warranty Insurance is a legislative requirement under State/Territory law in NSW, ACT, Vic, SA and WA.

In NSW & WA, it applies to contracts over $20,000 whereas the contract value in Vic, ACT & SA is $12,000 and over.

It protects homeowners if they lose their deposit, you don’t finish the job or it’s defective and you become bankrupt, disappear or die. In NSW, it also provides cover with non-compliance of Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal order.

By law, builders and tradespeople are required to issue a home warranty insurance certificate(s), prior to residential building work starting, in favour of the homeowner.

While arranging the initial insurance contract can appear complex,  we have the experience to arrange what you need as a builder / tradesperson so you can start building.

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