Policies such as Heavy Motor Insurance  and Mobile Plant Machinery Insurance can provide protection for your vehicle and activities if you are transporting other people’s goods over long distances in an articulated truck or heavy rigid truck with more than a 5 tonne carrying capacity.

At Maxton Insurance Brokers Adelaide, our experience has shown us that there are a lot of different situations, scenarios and circumstances to consider with a transport business.

And while there are lot of similarities between operators, each business we’ve dealt with has unique aspects that require us to come up with a specific solution.

We don’t need to tell you that heavy transport is a complex business with many risk exposures that need to be effectively managed with insurance.

Having a heavy motor and mobile plant and equipment insurance broker who fully understands your business and requirements is essential.

Our experience has enabled us to understand the:

  • significant capital investment required of transport and mobile plant operators, big and small;
  • enormous responsibilities and liabilities that come with transporting other people’s goods;
  • ever-present time pressures; and, most importantly,
  • driver safety and wellbeing issues.

Who do we insure?

We devise solutions for most heavy transport carriers with the majority of our clients’ activities falling under one of these categories:

  • General carriers
  • Tippers
  • Building industry and equipment
  • Grain carriers
  • Refrigerated carriers
  • Livestock carriers.

Even if your transport business is not listed here, we have experience across diverse sectors and we will always do our best to help you.

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